3D Interior Art

At Unique Garden Sanctuaries we want for your garden room to really feel special and bespoke to you.  Whether you are intending to use your garden room as a retreat, office, gym, studio or entertainment space we provide 3D wall art as an opportunity to express your own unique style in the interior and really give the ‘wow’ factor.

Please find below (click here) a selection of some unique designs we offer or alternatively read on to find out more about these decorative panels.

Benefits of 3D Decorative Wall Art
  • Individual modern stylish design options 

Break the monotonous look of interior walls by choosing from a range of classic or contemporary styles in either smaller panels or to make a feature of an entire wall.

  • Environmentally friendly

The natural composition of these panels helps promote structural harmony by naturally regulating the humidity level through absorption of excess humidity and distributing it back to the interior.  An example of this would be through heating periods.

  • Soundwave technology

If you are intending for your contemporary garden room to be used as studio or gym or will be wishing to play music then you might like to consider the acoustic properties of the 3D decorative panels which have soundwave technology applied.

  • Quick installation

The top quality of these handmade decorative panels lend themselves effortlessly to a seamless finish in minimum time.

Take a look at some of the stylish options available...

3D art swirlsbrown wall artliving room wall artwhite 3d wall art3d wall art options3d wall art circles3D wall artblack 3d wall artorange and grey wall artbright 3d wall artexample of 3D wall artgrey and blue wall artbedroom 3d wall artwhite 3d wall artmulticoloured wall art
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