The Curve

The ideal architectural masterpiece

The Curve is a stylish contemporary garden room with an architectural twist.  The beautiful sweeping curves of the structure and windows provides a light airy feel but retains a depth and warmth for the cooler months. This garden room has a unique softness to its design which while the intended use is personal to you; it lends itself well as the ultimate relaxation space or for a massage or therapy room.  

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Extended Information

As with all Unique Garden Sanctuaries contemporary garden rooms, we believe in providing unique design options both internally and externally.  Whilst we have provided this design, we want you to add your own personality to it.  Why not get creative take a look at our 3D wall art page to personalise the interior, and browse our extensive range of stylish cladding options which far exceeds the choice offered by our competitors.   

The Curve is built using only the finest materials and are sustainably sourced.  The structure can be constructed by traditional timber framework or SIPs panels.   Please remember that all our garden rooms, whether they originate from our designs or we design from scratch together; all our garden rooms are unique to you!

Exterior Options

Decking image
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A decked area around your contemporary garden room is a hugely popular choice enabling you to extend your sanctuary a little further into the garden.  

As with all Unique Garden Sanctuary products we only supply those with the highest specification. 

Bespoke Structures

Timber image
Traditional Timber Builds
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At Unique Garden Sanctuaries we get very excited about a new and challenging project to sink our teeth into.  We welcome your creativity and relish the opportunity to design and build a garden room from scratch that is completely unique to you in every way.  We have our very own workshop and team of highly skilled craftsmen who will enjoy crafting your unique garden room from timber.

We also recognise that with bespoke designs they are very personal to you and as such we provide our assurance that we will not replicate it for another customer without your permission.  

We will also encourage you to name your garden room and provide you with a named plaque.  If you do wish to give your permission for the design to be used again, we will pay you £100 for every time it is replicated.

Sip panels image
Sips Panels
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What are SIPs?

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are an excellent construction solution for contemporary garden rooms. SIPs are lightweight and durable prefabricated panels which are constructed using laminated high-density facings sandwiching an insulated foam core. This results in a flexible building solution which can be used in floors, walls and roofs for both residential garden rooms and commercial garden offices. 

foundations image
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At Unique Garden Sanctuaries we are aware that the site conditions for the construction of every garden room will vary.  During your free site survey we will ascertain which foundations will be most suitable for your garden room and advise accordingly.  

Here is a summary of the types of foundations we offer:

Solid Concrete Base
This is a more traditional base to build your garden room on and is flexible as there are different specifications it can be constructed to.    Once we have surveyed your intended location for the garden room we will discuss this with you in more depth.

Concrete Footings
This can be very useful especially when soundproofing and acoustics are important to you.  This is because the footings and base can be separated for different sections of the build.

Ground Screws
This is fast becoming a very popular choice.  Some of the benefits of using ground screws include:

Fast installation with no ‘waiting time’ as instantly load bearing

Cost effective Minimum preparation as no spoils to remove Installation is not weather dependent

Long life expectancy No large machines required so fantastic for sites with poor access

Environmentally friendly as made from a minimum of 75% recycled steel.

Insulation image
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For garden rooms constructed with SIPs there is no need to consider insulation as they are manufactured with insulating PUI foam.

However, for traditional timber garden rooms, insulation is an important consideration.  Depending on customer preference, we mainly use Celotex or Rockwool insulation.  

Rockwool is our insulation of choice and we as standard we always use a minimum of 100mm in the walls and 150mm in floors and ceilings.   It is constructed from stone wool and available in different grades and densities.

Rockwool identify the following benefits to users of their products (also known as “the 7 strengths of stone”:

1 Fire Resilience

Rockwool stone wool is non-combustible and can withstand temperatures above 1000oC.

2 Thermal Properties

Rockwool helps you to save energy by maintaining optimum indoor temperature and climate.

3 Acoustic Capabilities

Rockwool insulation helps to control the acoustic environment in order to block absorb or enhance sounds.

4 Durability

Increased longevity of performance and greater stability with lower costs.

5 Aesthetics

Rockwool is designed to perform, giving you the freedom to design.

6 Water Properties

Stone wool can be engineered to absorb or repel water as required.

7 Circularity

Rockwool products can be easily recycled back into new products.

Unique Extras

windows for your garden studio
Windows & Doors
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Windows and doors form a large part of your contemporary garden room and choosing the right ones are vital to achieving the result you are looking for.  Whether you are looking for bi-fold doors, patio or French doors or a single door; Unique Garden Sanctuaries offer a wide range in both UPVC and aluminium.  

To summarise, the key features of our windows and doors are:-

  • High security locking systems as standard;
  • Double or triple glazing options;
  • Low emissivity glass options;
  • Argon filled units available; and 
  • A wide range of RAL colours to choose from.

In addition to UPVC and aluminium doors we also provide acoustic doors if you are looking to attain ultimate soundproofing.

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Flooring within your contemporary garden room is an area which often gets overlooked. However at Unique Garden Sanctuaries we feel it can make a big difference to the overall feel of your garden room and bring it to life. As with all our products we aim to provide you with the widest range possible of the following:

  • Laminates
  • Solid Oak
  • Engineered
  • Tiles and Carpet
sound image
Sound Proofing & Acoustics
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Soundproofing and acoustic design are somewhat thought of as a dark art.  There is a great deal to understand and there is a vast array of materials on the market which makes it very difficult to make a decision on what will work best.  

Despite this, if you follow a set of basic rules to the letter with your design and installation you will achieve your desired goal and avoid costly mistakes.

At Unique Garden Sanctuaries we have a very good understanding and knowledge of soundproofing and acoustics.  We even have a fully functioning ‘room within a room’ recording studio at our offices which you are more than welcome to visit and try for yourself.

Whether you are looking for a garden theatre, a man cave, garden gym or a designated recording studio with live instruments we can cater for your requirements.

We offer a range of acoustic products from specialist acoustic glass which pin points particular frequencies and reduces them both from inside going out and vice versa to acoustic door sets.

We provide a full design service specific to your requirements for the level of soundproofing required as well as a computerised design detailing the acoustic treatments required such as diffusers, absorbers and reflectors.  

As with all of our products we have sourced only those of the highest quality for your use whilst accommodating different budgets.

maintenance image
Timber Care & Maintenance
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Timber care and maintenance is often not thought about until after the completion of your contemporary garden room.  However, at Unique Garden Sanctuaries we appreciate that this is an extremely important consideration at the design stage.  This is because of the way different timbers age and the frequency and type of care varies wildly. 

Therefore, we will provide you with information and help you make an informed choice at the design stage so you are fully aware of how your garden room will aesthetically age over time and the level of care required to keep it properly maintained.

Upon completion of your garden room you will also be provided with a reminder of this care and maintenance and the option of our care and maintenance package so you can enjoy your garden room for many years to come.

electrics image
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For your contemporary garden room to be a fully functioning space it is likely you will want an electricity supply.

As standard, our electricians will connect a supply through armoured cable running from your main supply. However, we also provide you with the option of installing a solar photovoltaic supply with battery storage which is ideal if you are going to be using a lot of electricity.

Electricity Supply | Lighting | Fixtures & Fittings | Media Packages

heating image
Heating, Cooling & Ventilation
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At Unique Garden Sanctuaries we want you to gain the maximum benefit from your garden room by making it comfortable all year round.  In addition to our extensive building experience we are also very experienced in energy management and provide new innovative products alongside more traditional heating and cooling methods.

Ventilation and heat recovery system fitted as standard

As standard, all of our garden rooms are fitted with a two-way single ventilation and heat recovery system.  The unit is sized to your garden room.  It works by automatically extracting the stale air whilst allowing heat to be retained and then replenishes the garden room with nice clean fresh air picking up the warm air on the way back in.

Heating and cooling options

We offer the following products:-

  • Radiators

Available in a variety of modern and traditional design options

  • Specialist heated paint

This innovative product dispenses with the need for traditional heating methods as the walls themselves become the source of thermostatically controlled heating.  This option is fantastic if you are limited on space.

  • Heated double glazed doors and windows

These are also a hugely popular choice if you are limited on space or wish to dispense with traditional heating methods.  Why not create a truly contemporary garden room with your doors and windows as your source of heating.

  • Air to water heat pumps and underfloor heating

This is another popular option and is also very good as a source of hot water for your garden room.

  • Air conditioning units

Do not be fooled into thinking these are only necessary for hotter climates.  Having an air conditioning unit provides you with both cooling and heating which can be suited to adapt to our ever changing British weather! 

3D interior art image
3D Interior Art
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Benefits of 3D Decorative Wall Art

  • Individual modern stylish design options 

Break the monotonous look of interior walls by choosing from a range of classic or contemporary styles in either smaller panels or to make a feature of an entire wall.

  • Environmentally friendly

The natural composition of these panels helps promote structural harmony by naturally regulating the humidity level through absorption of excess humidity and distributing it back to the interior.  An example of this would be through heating periods.

  • Soundwave technology

If you are intending for your contemporary garden room to be used as studio or gym or will be wishing to play music then you might like to consider the acoustic properties of the 3D decorative panels which have soundwave technology applied.

  • Quick installation

The top quality of these handmade decorative panels lend themselves effortlessly to a seamless finish in minimum time.

Interior designs image
Interior Designs
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At Unique Garden Sanctuaries we want you to enjoy your garden room immediately from the moment it is finished.  Whether you are looking to create a peaceful sanctuary to unwind, burn calories in a garden gym or settle down to work in a garden office; your chosen interior will not only reflect your personality but also influence how you feel when using your garden room.

entertainment image
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This is one of our favourite subjects!  Once you have finalised your design for the actual construction of your garden room you can then move onto equipping it for your chosen purpose.  Whether you are using it as an entertainment space, music studio, garden gym or somewhere to relax we can design, supply and install a variety of entertainment packages.

We can offer the following categories for you interior needs:

Music | DJ | HI-FI | Cinema | Studio | Gaming