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Garden rooms and offices built to your exact specifications.

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Bespokely Designed Garden Offices

At Unique Garden Sanctuaries we create garden offices and rooms which are bespokely designed and tailored for your business or personal uses. Transform your outside space with the addition of a beautiful garden room. Our range of Garden Room designs are perfect if you work from home and need some extra space to get away from all distractions of your home.

When you enquire regarding your home garden office, we get to know your exact specifications. You get the option of choosing the design and all other aspects like the windows, flooring, cladding and structure. If you are unsure of what you are looking for, we are always able to give you some ideas keeping in mind your needs and specifications. We can also discuss any interior designs you may want to add like bespoke lighting and sound options. As standard, we always set up an electrical supply so your garden room is ready to use, straight away. We will talk through your budget and requirements so you can receive the best garden office to suit your space.

Our Garden Buildings

Transform your outside space with one of our garden rooms. Our garden rooms are built to your exact specifications. We are proud to offer sustainable sourced materials and together we can work on the interior of your office to suit your taste. Experience design and create your perfect garden room. Whatever ambience you want to create, whether it is a contemporary style or a traditional look - there are so many ways we can make your garden room entirely individual. Are you looking to have plumbing including a shower and toilet? This is something we can do! The possibilities are endless. If you are unsure of what to go for here are some designs we offer:

The Curve: If you want a calm environment, the natural, curved design is perfect. It provides a tranquil space for you to concentrate without any distractions.

The Studio: The large, bi-fold doors are ideal to allow more room for creativity. This garden building is perfect for artistic types.

The Executive: The extravagant design is ideal if you want to impress your visitors or potential clients. We can provide some high tech additional extras to give it the WOW factor.

How much will a garden office cost?

If you are considering a garden office but are not sure if it is the right option for you, just give us a call. Our service is entirely versatile and can be customised to suit your needs. If you want to work on aspects of your garden room yourself, like the interior design - that isn't a problem. It is our goal to create a garden room which is your vision turned into a reality. We are more than happy to discuss your options and advise what may be best in your circumstances. We can set up a meeting to discuss the office design and planning permissions (which are usually not required). We can then provide you with a free no-obligation quote. Call us today on 01323 304 430.