SIPS Garden Office

Create your own sanctuary with our garden rooms. Your garden room will be completely unique and suit your taste and budget.

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Create Your Own Garden Office

Imagine having your own garden office, allowing you to concentrate in your own working environment. Forget working from your kitchen, and allow yourself the ability to create more of a life/work balance with a separate garden office. Get your own personal space to customise in any way you like! Unique Garden Sanctuaries offer SIPs garden room designs which allow plenty of personalisation. You can design both the exterior and interior in any way you like! All SIPs panels are built from scratch to suit your requirements.

About SIPs

SIPs panels are used for the core structure of your garden room. They are both durable and lightweight prefabricated panels which are made using laminated high-density facings with an insulated foam core. They are versatile and are used for all walls, floors and roofs.

You can design your garden room in any way you like! We can create something truly unique. If you'd like an idea of what we can offer, take a look at our five pre-designed options. You choose every aspect of your new building including the cladding and finishing to suit your style.

Why choose a SIPs Garden Room?

Here are a few advantages to choosing a SIPs garden office:

  • They are fast to construct
  • They are long lasting - in excess of 60 years
  • They are energy efficient
  • They have high acoustic performance
  • They remain protected from moisture
  • We offer realms of design choices
  • Airtight design

SIPs are a sustainable option and are approved by the UK Government's strategy for sustainable construction. They are a low energy building solution which offer increased thermal performance and have a long service life.

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Contact our friendly team to chat through what you are looking for and start planning your new garden office! We will organise a free site visit and provide you with a no obligation quote. View our testimonials to see what our clients have to say about our service. View our latest projects on our gallery.