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Unique Garden Rooms in Ascot

Garden rooms are a fantastic way to add more space to your property and even raise your property's value. You can create your own perfect space, which will be made using premium materials.

Unique Garden Sanctuaries are a family run business who love building client's their dream garden rooms. We have an impressive range of options which can cater any purpose. Perhaps you are considering creating a garden office space, a modern entertainment space or a private gymnasium - anything is possible!

Stunning Ascot Garden Rooms

Each garden room we create is customised to the customer's exact specifications, built with them in mind from the design to the finishing touches. All of the materials we use are sustainably sourced and we are proud to offer innovative products to ensure your new space is high quality to impress all of your friends and family.

Below are some examples of our work, which should provide you with a taste of what we can achieve. Every garden room is different and designed specifically for you.

The Curve: ​This is a modern garden room which features a curved structure. This garden room makes a perfect, relaxing retreat away from the hustle and bustle

The Man Cave: This is a trendy option which is perfect for entertaining. Perfect for entertaining  friends and family, or even as a home cinema!

The Studio: This design would make the perfect home gym or artist's studio. It has huge bi-folding doors which allows you to open up and let your creativity flow.

The Executive: This design is a real showstopper! This large, extravagant building would make the most impressive of garden home offices.

How much would a Garden Room cost?

When you first enquire, we will arrange a site survey to study the proposed site of your new garden building. It is during this time when we can sort out any planning permission, should it be required.

After this meeting, we will start designing your garden building and provide you with an accurate quote. You have the option to add a range of extras to give your garden room a unique flair with personal touches. You will be in charge of deciding all the materials, from the cladding, decking, structure, doors, windows and flooring. This will leave you with a product which is made exactly for you.

For more information about design, prices, or just to discuss your options in further detail, simply contact our team today on 01323 304 430. We love what we do and we would love to provide you with your perfect sanctuary.