structural timber association member

Structural Timber Association

The Structural Timber Association (STA) is the largest UK trade association within the structural timber sector.  The STA’s mission is to enhance quality and drive product innovation through technical guidance and research, underpinned by a members’ quality standard assessment – the STA Assure Membership and Quality Standards Scheme.

Our associate membership benefits both us as a company and you as clients by promoting the differing accreditations and quality standards we hold.  This scheme offers reassurance that as a member we meet or even exceed current legislation or regulatory requirements.

timber decking and cladding association

Timber Decking and Cladding Association

The Timber Decking and Cladding Association (TDCA) is an independent not for profit organisation.  The TDCA acts as a technical and advisory body for the UK timber decking and timber cladding industries and operate the DeckMark and CladMark quality schemes that demonstrate the high quality and longevity of the materials that have been approved or the high standards of the installer that has been accredited.  

Firestone Rubber Cover

firestone rubbercover

Firestone RubberCover EPDM is a specific roofing installation system for flat roofing.  Firestone are global market leaders for over 100 years are environmentally committed.  

As a Firestone licensed partner, you can be assured that our installers have undertaken specialised training and have the support from Firestone to answer any technical questions and identify ways to meet specification and warranty requirements at the lowest installed cost which is invaluable when designing and installing bespoke garden rooms that are unique in every way!