Sips Garden Rooms

The beauty of using SIPs to construct the shell of your garden building or garden office is that the design possibilities are endless.   

Whether you choose to begin your bespoke room using a template from one of the five ranges below (click here to view) or choose to design your own structure, your personal choices on the internal and external finishing such as the cladding will result in your own bespoke garden sanctuary.

Please read further to find out why SIPs are such a hugely popular choice. 

What are SIPs?

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are an excellent construction solution for contemporary garden buildings. SIPs are lightweight and durable prefabricated panels which are constructed using laminated high-density facings sandwiching an insulated foam core. This results in a flexible building solution which can be used in floors, walls and roofs for both residential garden rooms and commercial garden offices. 

Benefits of a SIPS Garden Rooms:

The special construction of SIPs results in:

  • Durability with a long design and service life (in excess of 60 years);
  • fast installation
  • high thermal performance
  • high acoustic performance
  • protection from moisture
  • good levels of airtightness; and
  • flexible design options.

Sustainable Construction

Using SIPs to construct your garden building contributes to the UK Government’s strategy for sustainable construction. This is done by offering a relatively low embodied energy building solution that provides long term thermal and air tightness performance in addition to a long service life which is more than 60 years.

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